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No Brand? Consider a Monogram
How about a monogram, in swirling, interlocking vines, or perhaps letters forming a shield, or even a snowflake. Diamonds and circles. Or simply a name, elegantly engraved in artistic type.
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Antiqued FL 3-pc Buckle Set
A striking antiqued version of our 3-piece FL buckle set. Crafted in silver overlay with a tarnish-resistant antiqued finish. For 3/4-inch wide belts. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

    W2FLA Antique FL 3-pc Buckle Set, $54.00

Buckle Length = 2 inches
Buckle Height = 1-7/8 inches

Loop Width = 1/2 inch
Loop Height = 7/8 inch

Tip Length = 1-1/2 inches
Tip Height = 3/4 inch

Designed to fit a standard 3/4-inch wide belt.
Cheaper silver-plated pieces are often lacquered to inhibit tarnishing. But when they do tarnish--and they eventually will--the lacquer makes it very difficult to polish them. And repeated polishing will eventually rub off the plating. None of our pieces are -plated. They're either solid German Silver or Sterling Silver or have a thick silver overlay veneer. None are lacquered. Polish as needed (likely only two to four times per year). Most professional silversmiths like 3M Tarni-Shield. And if you really want to apply a protective coating, silversmiths seem to prefer a micro-crystalline wax such as Renaissance Wax; developed for museum curators and used at the Smithsonian Institute, Windsor Castle and the British Museum.