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"Shipment came in today. You did a great job. Everything looks fine. My wife was really impressed with the work and the work and the quality of the items. We'll definitely be recommending your company to friends and business associates. Will probably have another order in fall for some Christmas gifts. Thanks again for your assistance."
-- Woodstock, Georgia

A-Pear-Itif Decanter
Ravenscroft decanters are superb examples of old world craftsmanship. Each decanter is hand-blown in Europe in shops renowned for the quality of their product; as demonstrated here by the Ravenscroft A-Pear-Itif. The A-Pear-Itif is created from ancient mineral deposits, free of impurities. Using such pure raw materials eliminates the need to add lead oxide to create brilliant crystal. The Ravenscroft A-Pear-Itif has a total fill volume of 32 ounces and is pictured here containing a single 750 ml. bottle.

Deep-etch engraved with your brand:
     RC2548 The A-Pear-Itif Decanter, $67.50

Height = 10 inches
Width = 5 1/2 inches
Total Fill Volume = 32 ounces
Pictured here containing a full 750 ml. bottle of spirits.

Hand washing recommended.
We've long had a distinct preference for the decanters made by Ravenscroft Crystal. Brilliant and sparkling, they are truly emblematic of the glassblowers' art at its finest. And all of them are produced from Ravenscroft's proprietary blend of lead-free minerals, an especially important consideration for liquor decanters since they tend to be used for long-term storage of spirits. Toxic lead from lead crystal containers can leach into the contents and reach alarming levels over time. Concentrations of only 89 micrograms per liter in only two days, and levels of 20,000 micrograms per liter in brandy stored in lead crystal after a few years. Contrast this to the Environmental Protection Agency's standard for drinking water of only 15 micrograms per liter. A risk easily avoided by using Ravenscroft decanters.