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"I received the mugs yesterday and ABSOLUTELY love them! Thank you very much and have a great New Year's"
-- Alturas, California

Galaxy Beer Mug
One of the finest beer mugs we've ever seen. Hand-crafted and mouth-blown in Europe of lead-free crystal. The exceptionally high refractive index of this mug gives it a distinctive sparkle. 14 oz capacity will hold a full 12- bottles worth of beer, as pictured here.

Part of our Galaxy series of crystal, with the distinctive bubble in the base. Shop the entire Galaxy collection here.

Deep-etch engraved with your brand:
        BD2012 set of 2 Galaxy Beer Mugs, $40.00
        BD2013 set of 4 Galaxy Beer Mugs, $74.00 (save $6.00)

Height = 5 1/2 inches
Diameter (at rim) = 3 inches
Volume = 14 ounces.

Please note that quoted volume measurements are made filled to the rim. Although this is the only truly objective way to measure volume, but actual usable volume will be a little bit less. Also, since these items are hand-made, there can be small variations among all the dimensions.
Non-lead crystal is no less valuable than full lead crystal, especially when it is thick and heavy and finely designed, as is our Galaxy Collection. In fact, clear uncut crystal must be of especially fine quality since any flaws in the glass can not be obscured by decorative cutting. The Badash Crystal shops, where our Galaxy crystalware comes from, are renowned for their standards and quality which is signified by the weight and clarity of the Galaxy Collection.