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Pub Glass
Step into a neighborhood Pub anywhere in Britain and order an ale or a beer and it will likely be served to you in a glass like this. (Or secondarily in a mug much like our Brittania Mug or Pub Mug.) Of thick, heavy glass and a generous 18 oz. size and exceptionally clean finish, this versatile glass is an excellent choice for your iced tea, water or your favorite brew.

Deep-etch engraved with your brand:
    AR251 Pub Glass, set of 4 glasses. $40.00
    AR252 Pub Glass, set of 8 glasses. $72.00 (save $8.00)
    AR253 Pub Glass, set of 12 glasses. $100.00 (save $20.00)

Height = 6 3/4 inches
Diameter (at rim) = 3 5/8 inches
Diameter (at base) = 2 1/2 inches
Total Fill Volume = 18 ounces.
Please note that quoted volume measurements are determined with the glass filled to the rim. Although this is the only truly objective way to measure volume, actual usable volume will be a little bit less.

Tempered glass and dishwasher safe.
A traditional pub-style glass, like those in daily service throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. With thick glass walls and a heavy sham, it does double duty as a mixing glass.