Standard Masthead 760
Michelangelo All Purpose
19.5 oz Footed All Purpose
An exceptional value, this footed glass is blown from lead-free crystal by Italy's Luigi Bormioli and has remarkable brilliance and clarity. Perhaps our most versatile glass ever and a customer favorite. Great for iced tea or as a water goblet on the dining table. Even great for beer and mixed drinks.
20 oz Cooler
20 oz Michelangelo Cooler
Blown from bright, sparkling lead-free crystal by Luigi Bormioli of Italy. A large size to quench the biggest thirst. Great for iced tea.
16 piece Beverage Set
Sterling Beverage Set
A total of 16 pieces. 8 14-ounce Double Old Fashioned glasses and 8 16-ounce coolers. Very stylish, with a thick, square-shaped base taperting up to a nearly round rim.
Michelangelo DOF15 oz Michelangelo DOF
An extra large LoBall of Double Old Fashioned glass of blown crystal from Italy's Luigi Bormioli. Not just for mixed drinks. Large enough for anything.
Michelangelo Beverage14.5 oz Beverage
From the Michelangelo Collection by Luigi Bormioli. Blown Crystal with exceptional brilliance and clarity.
Pub Glass18 oz Pub Glass
A traditional pub-style glass. Thick-walled and with an extra-thick base, it does double duty as a mixing glass.
Classic CarafeClassic Carafe
The classic restaurant-style carafe. Fill it with ice cubes and water, and add a slice of lemon, to have a refreshing reservoir of water at the lunch or dinner table.
Futura Cooler16 oz Futura Cooler
A generously-sized tumber with a very distinctive shape.
Sterling PitcherSterling Pitcher
Square base and nearly round rim, the perfect complement to our Sterling beverage sets.
Nordic HiBall or LoBallNordic HiBall or LoBall
17 oz Nordic HiBall (left) or 13 oz Nordic LoBall (right). A companion piece to our Classic Brand coffee mug. An exceptional bargain, 12 of either packed restaurant-style in a plain brown carton and engraved with your name, monogram, brand or company logo for only $90.