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"I just received the glasses and they are TERRIFIC! I will definitely recommend your company to others. Thank you and have a Happy Holidays! --Giddings, Texas
No Brand? Consider a Monogram
How about a monogram, in swirling, interlocking vines, or perhaps letters forming a shield, or even a snowflake. Diamonds and circles. Or simply a name, elegantly engraved in artistic type.
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Classic Brand Mug
Ruggedly handsome, yet elegant enough to go from the barn to the drawing room. Our most popular coffee mug. Many breeding farms and businesses order them in case quantities engraved with their logos. The engraving can include your ranch name, your farm name or your company name and even your town and state.

The Classic Brand Mug in clear, tempered glass. 13 oz.

Deep-etch engraved with your brand:
        AR001 - set of 4 mug $39.95
        AR002 - set of 6 mugs $53.95 (you save $5.98)
        AR003 - set of 8 mugs $67.95 (you save $11.95)
        AR004 - set of 12 mugs $95.95 (you save $23.90)

Height = 3 3/4 inches
Diameter (at rim) = 3 1/4 inches
Volume = 13 ounces. Please note that quoted volume measurements are made filled to the rim. This is the only truly objective way to measure volume, but actual usable volume will be a little bit less.

Tempered glass and dishwasher safe.
In the beginning, when cowboy Doug--chief glass artisan at Imperial Crystal (and after-hours cattleman)--was kicking around for something special to do for friend and neighbor who was always quick to offer a helping hand, he finally settled on engraving a few of these mugs with his neighbor's brand. They were a hit. A classic in the making. And today, countless cowboys and cowgals throughout America (plus Canada and even Europe) start their day with a jolt of Joe from one of these mugs... personalized for them with their very own brand. Isn't it about time you join them?