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"They are absolutely wonderful!!!! Worth every penny." -- Ellisville, Missouri
No Brand? Consider a Monogram
How about a monogram, in swirling, interlocking vines, or perhaps letters forming a shield, or even a snowflake. Diamonds and circles. Or simply a name, elegantly engraved in artistic type.
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Mocha Mug
A clear molded glass mug with an especially distinctive shape. Large and hefty, of tempered glass. 13.5 oz. Pictured here with a monogram.

Deep-etch engraved with your brand:
        AH011 - set of 6 Mocha Mugs $60.00
        AH012 - set of 12 Mocha Mugs $108.00 (you save $12.00)

Height = 4 5/8 inches
Diameter (at rim) = 3 7/8 inches
Diameter (at base) = 3 1/4 inches
Volume = 13.5 ounces. Please note that quoted volume measurements are made filled to the rim. Although this is the only truly objective way to measure volume, actual usable volume will be less.

Tempered glass and dishwasher safe.
Not all glass is man-made. Obsidian is a naturally-occurring glass that is commonly found in lava flows where there are high concentrations of silica. Obsidian was valued during the stone age for making blades and arrowheads. Since obsidian blades can produce a cutting edge that is several times sharper than the finest steel surgical scalpels, they're often used today in cardiac surgery where they appear to produce narrower scars and less tissue trauma.