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"Shipment came in today. You did a great job. Everything looks fine. My wife was really impressed with the work and the quality of the items. We'll definitely be recommending your company to friends and business associates. Will probably have another order in fall for some Christmas gifts. Thanks again for your assistance. -- Woodstock, Georgia

The Gipper Jar
Ronald Reagan's favorite candy was the venerable jelly bean and he was known to keep a jar of them on his desk; whether at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or at his beloved Rancho del Cielo, high above the Pacific Ocean in California. Here's a jar that surely would have pleased the former First Cowboy. Handcrafted of lead-free crystal and with a floating, crystal lid, it will hold nearly two pounds of jelly beans (or whatever your favorite confection happens to be). From Badash Crystal.  Personalized for you with your brand.

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BD914 The Gipper Jar   $28.00, engraved

Height = 7 inches
Diameter = 4 3/4 inches

Should be hand-washed. Too darned nice to trust to a mechanical dishwasher.
By law, crystal must include at least 24% lead oxide in order to be called full lead crystal. The inclusion of lead can add heft and brilliance to the piece but more importantly, it makes leaded crystal softer and therefore more amenable to cutting with the spinning stones that artisans customarily used to make hand-cut crystal. The deep-etch engraving process that we use to personalize your items is quite different. The hardness of the glass or crystal is not an issue for us.

Non-lead crystal isn't necessarily inferior to, or less valuable than, leaded crystal. Especially when thick, and clear and well-designed. Clear uncut crystal, in fact, must be of exceptional quality since any flaws in the material can not be obscured by the cuts.