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Atelier Cabernet and Riesling
Fine crystal wineglasses designed for everyday use

The Italian legacy of fine glass-making extends back to the Renaissance, when Venetian glassblowers produced glass with a clarity and colorlessness that became the envy of the world. Luigi Bormioli, of Parma, continues that tradition today, utilizing modern technologies to create fine crystal pieces at economical prices. Their Atelier collection of stemware, for example, features lead-free crystal stemware blown from their proprietary new SON.hyx® crystal, with double the breaking and stem-twist strength of traditional crystal. Fine crystal stemware  no longer to be reserved only for special occasions, but engineered to withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday life. The collection includes an array of glasses with different bowl shapes and sizes, each designed to bring forth the best characteristics of the major wine varietals.

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