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Break-resistant SON.hyx® Crystal by Luigi Bormioli of Italy- Because Things Happen

sonhyx spillThe shapes and sizes of the bowls of each of the wineglasses in the Atelier collection have been carefully designed to bring out the very best qualities of the particular varietals of wine they were designed for. But there is much more to the story. All of the stemmed pieces in the Atelier collection (not including the stemless glasses) are now being made from SON.hyx®, a proprietary new break-resistant crystal developed in the research laboratories at Luigi Bormioli. The practical result is fine crystal stemware engineered to withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday life. Rigorous laboratory testing of the bowls, stems and rims of crystal stemware made from this new material clearly demonstrate its unmatched durability.

Our own real-world experience with the Atelier collection of wineglasses--here at Imperial Crystal--confirms the results from the laboratory. Glassware undergoes quite a bit of handling during the engraving process. Each piece must first be cleaned. Films are then glued to the glass and masked off. Each glass then makes a trip through the blast cabinets, where our skilled artisans use pressurized streams of abrasives to deep-etch your artwork. The masking and film is then removed, and the glasses cleaned and packed for shipping. We've engraved several thousand Atelier wineglasses, made with Luigi Bormioli's SON.hyx® crystal, yet our breakage has been virtually non-existant. All this in a material that is absolutely colorless and with the brilliance, clarity and transparency that one expects from the finest crystal.

105% Greater Shock Resistance

bowl strengthThe bowls of the Atelier collection, made with Luigi Bormioli's SON.hyx®, demonstrate a 105% increase in resistance to mechanical shock. Accidental tip-overs on tables or counters are no longer a worry. Your Atelier stemware can be used every day--not just for special occasions--rewarding your investment in beautiful, fine stemware time after time.
98% Greater Stem Twist Strength

twist strengthAll of Luigi Bormioli's stemware are blown crystal with drawn stems. There are no potentially weak seams. The use of SON.hyx® crystal enhances the strength of the stems even more. SON.hyx® increases stem twist strength by 98%. Another test measures the flexibility of the stem by releasing a hammer into the bowl. The flexibility and enhanced twist strength of SON.hyx® crystal stems greatly improves the resilience of one of the traditional weak points of fine crystal stemware.
37.5% Greater Chip Resistance

rim chip testThe rim is the most delicate area of fine crystal stemware, traditionally the one most vulverable to chipping and breakage. SON.hyx® reinforces the rims while preserving the thin, graceful lines which contribute to the glass's utility. In the laboratory, weighted balls are dropped through a tube directly onto the rim to measure resistance to chipping. SON.hyx® crystal improves chipping resistance by 37.5%
Clear, Colorless Crystal

clean washFrequent use and washing can, over time, dull the surfaces of glass. But not crytal made with SON.hyx®. This durable, high-tech material will remain lustrous and clear as new, even after 4,000 industrial dishwashing cycles. The rich, complex colors of your favorite wines will shine through with every use.