Your Brand Carved In Glass
Mocha Mug

Why is there lead in my glassware?
Actually, if it came from us it probably doesn't have any. The concern, of course, is the risk of exposure to lead, which is highly toxic and can leach into fluids stored in lead crystal containers. The amount of lead one might be exposed to from occasionally drinking wine from a leaded crystal wineglass would be quite small, perhaps less than from living in an older home where lead solder was used for the plumbing. Read more.

Is engraving included in the listed prices?
In most instances, yes. The prices that we list include engraving your brand, whether it's a registered brand or not, provided that it is "brand-like". (There are a few items that are not engravable and they are clearly indicated as such.) Read more.

Can you engrave my logo on glassware?
Probably, yes. We engrave quite a few farm or ranch or business logos. And many of our business and breeding farm customers use our products for promotional purposes and purchase them in case quantities. (Contact one of our customer service representatives for a special quote.) Read more.

How we engrave your glassware
The deep-etch engraving process that we employ is labor intensive but it achieves the best results. It should not be confused with the "etching" that's done with a laser engraver, much like the one we use for engraving plaques. By super-heating the surface of the glass, a laser causes micro-shattering and a frosted effect. It's fast and cheap--hence the reason why perhaps most "etched" glassware is produced with a laser--but it's only a surface effect, tends to be uneven, and often leaves a tell-tale pattern.  Read more.

Which wineglass should I choose?
Confused by the wide array of wineglasses? Can't quite decide which is the best choice for you? Cabernet or Bordeaux? (They're actually two names for the same thing!) Stemmed or stemless? Can I buy just one wineglass that will serve adequately for every type of wine? Here are our recommendations, and a concise guide to the bewildering naming conventions used by vintners. Read more.