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Is Engraving Included In The Listed Prices?
In most instances, yes. The prices that we list include engraving your brand, whether it's a registered brand or not, provided that it is "brand-like". (There are a few items that are not engravable and they are clearly indicated as such.)

Since brands are intended to be burned into the hide of a living animal, leaving a scar that is easily decipherable, they are by their nature relatively simple combinations of symbols and letters or numbers. Our artists have become adept at drawing them accurately and efficiently. If your brand is registered with a state or county brand board--or board of livestock inspection--then our drawing of it will indeed be included in the prices we list for our products. If it's not registered, then we need to reserve the right to determine if it's sufficiently "brand-like".

On occasion we've been given, for example, a photograph of a jacket with a roping horse embroidered in color and asked to engrave it on glass; with a name spelled out in barbed wire. Beyond the fact that it probably wouldn't look very nice (simpler designs lend themselves better to engraving), it would entail a considerable amount of time rendering it into a piece of art that would be usable for us. We need to charge for that; a very reasonable $30 per hour (we're happy to provide a binding quote beforehand). Doing otherwise would be a disservice to the vast majority of our customers, for whom we're able to keep prices low.

We engrave any brand, or anything sufficiently brand-like, at no additional charge. We can also produce most business or farm logos at no charge. Modern computer wizardry has made it possible for us to convert many very complicated logos into something usable, which we can do with no additional charge. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to assess your project.

A great many of our customers ask us to add a farm or ranch name and a town and state or perhaps the year the ranch was established; or a catch-phrase or motto. We don't charge for this either (with the exception of engraved jewelry). We're often asked if there is a limit to the number of words or letters that can be engraved. There isn't.... except for the amount of space that's available on the particular piece of glass. Usually, fewer words look better. We can also accept electronic files in many different formats. For further specifications, please go here.

We're often asked to match type styles. We have access to everything in the Adobe Type Library but we may not be able to match your font unless you can identify it for us.

We do our best to be accommodating. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, or let us know how we might be of assistance.

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